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Hand made in Suffolk

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Cornhole is a great fun, team based lawn game where by players take it in turns to throw bean bags at a raised gaming board with a hole at one end.

The landing zone of tossed bean bags determines the number of points allocated. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while a bag landing (and remaining) on the board scores just 1. The game continues until a player or team reaches or exceeds a score of 21.

M&C Cornhole are a family run business operating from the beautiful county of Suffolk (UK) with a strong passion for the game. Our love for cornhole began during a trip to Florida whilst visiting some American family members.


Upon our return to the UK (and after the onset of cornhole withdrawal) we decided to craft our own set. As we continued to play cornhole with friends and other family members, It soon became apparent that our love for the game was shared by all.

Requests for personalised bespoke sets started to come in thick and fast. Word spread, and within a short space of time we began to supply quality crafted cornhole game sets and accessories to customers throughout the UK, Europe and America.